Msc. María Goñi Mazzitelli publica informe en “GISWatch 2015: Derechos sexuales e internet”.


La integrante de ObservaTIC, Msc. María Goñi Mazzitelli, escribe un articulo en el informe “GISWatch 2015: Derechos sexuales e internet”. Disponible en

How does the politics of sex and sexual rights activism take place online? How are generally accepted sexual identities, as well as marginalised sexualities, expressed, regulated and moralised on the internet? And how does this relate to the threats of surveillance, censorship and online violence? These are some of the questions that this year’s edition of the “Global Information Society Watch report (GISWatch 2015) aims to respond to. With sexual rights and the internet as the main theme, the issues addressed by the country reports range from the challenges and possibilities that the internet offers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LBGTI) communities to the active role of religious, cultural and patriarchal establishments in suppressing sexual rights, including same-sex marriage, to the rights of sex workers, violence against women online, and sex education in schools.